The Master Marketer – All three seeds


The Ticket of Purpose TOP is also known as the seed of the Master Marketer. It will give you enough knowledge to create handy ideas for people to apply. Say someone was angry.. Looking in with EFT on the point of anger, and using the universal laws to find out the cause of it would be pretty impressive already. However, when you’re with clients, you can give them a tool that you create just by combining an EFT point with a Universal law. Let’s take the law of polarity. Show your customers where to look for an angry emotion let them feel it and then offer the cause for the exact opposite. Just imagining it will help them be happy. After all, you couldn’t have had such a release, unless you were cut that deeply with the original emotion. Then usually the customer goes on through the rest of the day applying this gift to others they run into. It’s like CoronoVirus.. it’s viral.

When they come back next time, you could always synergize with them. That’s when you both got an idea of what to do in public, and just combine them to form something brand new.

I often talk about James Bond for this, I ask them if they remember a gadget that James Bond got from “Q.” Then I offer them a way to synergize a new. I’ll just tell them to say “Bond” if they want to get co-creating.

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Billionaires’ Secret: Is Giving the Key to Wealth?


In John Bunyan’s 1684 classic The Pilgrim’s Progress, the character Old Honest poses this riddle to the innkeeper Gaius: “A man there was, tho’ some did count him mad, / The more he cast away, the more he had.” Gaius solves the riddle thus: “He that bestows his Goods upon the Poor / Shall have as much again, and ten times more.”

Less poetically, the idea is this: Giving makes you rich.

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