Seed of the Healer – How to heal others


Healing is a great way to earn money. Because with this method it is free and easy to do. Using Emotional Freedom Technologies. You don’t even have to tap. The current practice in EFT is called “the Unseen Therapist” As you become more familiar with her, you will be able to help many who are suffering physically. As well as erasing some negative emotions from unprocessed experiences. Physical pains and mental issues like depression… or anxiety, all can be healed. The idea behind EFT is that all illnesses come from negative emotions.. which were allowed in from poor thinking. When we use EFT we release these useless emotions and that heals the pain associated with them.

When you help people remove poor emotions, and you work on why they had it in the first place (using the universal law of cause and effect) then don’t forget to help them get a better self-image about how to handle that next time. Erasing the emotions is good, but make sure to fill up the void that is left as well.

Included is s a free manual that shows which emotions go with which tapping points.

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