Wow, do I have an opportunity for you!

Your mom and dad tell you to go to school and get a job, get a house, and get married. Because only then should you have kids. This is okay. Certainly, they were looking out for us, thinking that back in the farming times: everyone had to help out on so that everyone could make enough food to eat. Why not make good on their wishes? After all, with an easy job where you may sit, make money, more easily and in greater amounts (disregarding inflation, of course,) than they ever could, naturally you would then naturally form a family so that you can continue the same.

Okay, here’s where I throw a rock at that. You are not like them, you are an individual! [click here] to find out how unique you are. Here you will find out what your ultimate goals are!

First of all, if you do not enjoy your job, you will never be successful at it. Why?… would you want to get better at something that you don’t enjoy? However, the truth is apparently, if you don’t work you can’t earn money, and when you are broke, there is nothing you may eat.

Here you might be thinking, why would I ever take this advice from my parents? Perhaps! it is their sincere wish to see you flourish, without the horrors of farm-life-toil If there was an easier way to ‘continue the legacy of…’  the best… why not just do it, eh? Brothers and Sisters, can we help Mom and Dad in their days of rest? and retire? reasonably….

Back in the day, oh my do I have horror stories for you.. things you should never know because the “Sword of Progress” has made it so that we don’t ever commit crimes against humanity, for petty reasons,


, For example:  just so we could eat…  As hard working and diligent as we were, what if! Something happened despite all workers working, Still! “not have enough to eat?”

Some people are born just to work, the harder the work, the more they are rewarded. The more they are rewarded, the more they got to eat… the more they ate.. the harder they worked…

Now break off from this cycle, cause in honest truth, today we are in an era which has long since made farming more efficient, done by robots even. Why stop there? didn’t we just pass the age of industry a while ago?

So what? we can practically have all we need without much toil. However, isn’t that boring… what else could we do to make this world a better place? Aren’t good ideas necessary now? We can do things we could not have done before, more easily, more efficiently, and all we need for that to work… is an idea and its proper application.

Sorry, got to tell ya though, that the “Information age” has passed us too. You might be asking what is better than “a million dollar baby, the idea, properly applied, making the world a better place, more efficiently?” Well thanks to the computers and the internet, many have gathered information, and become wise. And so, they called that the ‘age of wisdom.’

But who’s to say? In such an


“Wisdom,” who will recommend what? to the whom? Aha! do I hear unity?

“The Age of Recommendation! obviously?!”

Well, yes.. and no.. because it has always been the age of recommendation.  

The super farmer needs you. You are the seed. You must know more, not – about useless information such as how to weave a basket, or how to be some genius. My friend, you must know more about YOU.  

This free report will give you a small glimpse of yourself, and sorry, you will be scared. It is frightening how accurate it is. Do you think I would stop here? just to give you a taste? why not learn all you can about your ARCHETYPE? how about the full DELUXE ARCHETYPE REPORT?!

Don’t you want to know where your maximum potential wants you to be? 

Take a bite of the apple, know it’s


, devour the whole thing, and


.  The things which are to come, will be like Christmas


, Apples are free, there are many on ze tree.