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Oh, my Life’s Destiny!

Is it common for INFJs (MyersBriggs) to not have any friends?
Sometimes… well most times I feel lonely, but it’s okay. Other-times I realize that I’ve never really had a friend, mostly just acquaintances, and it kind of sinks in bitterly.
Sometimes I think that I have many friends. At other times, more often than not, even surrounded by people I know and who may regard me as their friend, I would still feel very lonely and friendless. One day, a friend told me that he admires my ability to talk with anybody and make friends. In my mind I was asking myself, “Then why do I feel so lonely and crave to belong?”
Being here in Quora, reading about others’ experiences and perspectives, have been enlightening and consoling. I realized that even during the times when I thought that I did not have a single friend, I actually did. Perhaps I was expecting too much from my ‘friends’. When I thought about it logically, I do have friends or acquaintances who have entrusted me with their secrets. It is my perception, not my introversion that keeps me from having friends.
I hope I am making sense. I know that this may be not your case. Regardless, I hope this helps somebody. Peace. The 16 MyersBriggs personality types are excellent.
Jungian Archetypes are the key to a world party
However, the Jungian Archetypes are easier to remember and a little more useful. For example, you can treat each like a spiritual guide. Want to say something funny? Ask the jester for help. Want to help someone understand something? Ask the sage. Then you can create a rule with the ruler and serve it with the caregiver. It’s also fun to develop with others if you know their archetype and so their destiny (or the point of their life)
The universe is friendly, right?